We are a 501(c)(3) Health & Wellness company
    serving the transportation industry for over 20 years.
Your support helps us get the programs out to the drivers
                                      for free.

Truck Stop Events

Creating the programs where others
 can motivate themselves to be healthy 
using games and a contest

We offer CDL drivers Health & Wellness programs for FREE

Contact us at barry@truckstopevents.com or call 405-205-0658 -C - & - 405-542-6857-O

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Our 2018 Programs

Walk A Mile America Foundation.org

                                Truck Drivers Health.org

                                                   Find It If You Can.com

Our Story

We love every minute of our journey to help the men and women in our industry to stay healthy. We are the only 501 (c) (3) totally volunteer Health & Wellness company in the transportation industry today. But we cannot do these programs alone, so please help support a driver's program today.
"What's new for 2018"


Scavenger Hunt

Motivating people is what we have done for over twenty years. We think “outside” of the box and our 2018 SCAVENGER hunt promises the same kind of company success that you’ve seen from us before. Our game “Find It If You Can” will generate thousands of new leads for our sponsors in 2018.

We've done this before
with great success.

This 53' over the road Health & Wellness trailer had 150 different icons hidden inside the mural. Driver took over 20 minutes looking for company icons we had hidden in this mural so they could win a prize. Was your  company name hidden somewhere. Our audience per tour year was over 30,000,000. 

Face to Face programs

Getting to drivers is not that hard if "YOU" go to where "THEY" are and that’s what our Health & Wellness tour locations do for our sponsors.

Recruiting 101.

 Need to find new drivers, this is where they are and we are already there with our Health & Wellness programs. Come along as a sponsor with over 1,500 locations to choose from.


Sponsoring a Health & Wellness day at the companies you need to see becomes a win-win for you when we set our programs up at the companies you need to be at.

Mid-America 2018 

Truck shows show the industry that we are there and the Mid-America show starts our tour season. You now can sponsor anyone of 50 different shows this year.