We are a 501(c)(3) Health & Wellness company
    serving the transportation industry for over 20 years.
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Truck Stop Events

Creating the programs where others
 can motivate themselves to be healthy 
using games and a contest

We offer CDL drivers Health & Wellness programs for FREE

Contact us at barry@truckstopevents.com or call 405-205-0658 -C - & - 405-542-6857-O

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Our 2018 Programs

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                                     Our Story
We love every minute of our journey to help the men and women in our industry to stay healthy. We are the only 501 (c) (3) totally volunteer Health & Wellness company in the transportation industry today. But remember, we cannot do these programs alone, so please help support a driver or one of the below programs today. Our main objective is to get the drivers to come over to talk about their day and below is how we get them to do that. Your company name can be what they see first!

New for 2018

Fun & Games

Barry and his lucky leprechaun side kick started the year hiding some golden pins representing all kinds of transportation related gifts for the drivers to find, prizes like a set of steer tires, CB radios, portable headsets and even an APU unit. Down load the APP and have some fun following the clues.

Baja 500 & Baja 1000     "Best in the Desert

Second; we will be teaming up with owner/operator Craig Johnson, the driver of this year’s Lucky Leprechaun pictured above for the best of the “Best in the Desert” series. Craig will help do 25 show locations where you can see the car and get some gifts and autographs.Tap to see the race on You Tube.  

Gary Collins

For over 40 years Gary has entertained audiences in the truck pulling series. Most drivers know him as the

Budweiser Boss and watch his racing   program on You Tube. Gary will display his 4,000 horse powered truck at some of our truck stop and truck show locations this year. Tap picture to see Gary in action.

Our Programs

Helping driver and their family stay healthy

Recruiting 101.

 Need to find new drivers, this is where they are and we are already there with our Health & Wellness programs. Come along as a sponsor with over 1,500 locations to choose from.

Helping driver and their family stay healthy


Sponsoring a Health & Wellness day at the companies you need to see becomes a win-win for you when we set our programs up at the companies you need to be at.

Helping driver and their family stay healthy

Mid-America 2018 

Truck shows show the industry that we are there and the Mid-America show starts our tour season. You now can sponsor anyone of 50 different shows this year.