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The fallacy of exercise - a series.

Posted on January 8, 2018 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

This will be an open article and basically an opinion that will try to answer a few items on my mind about our health and how it is addressed in the transportation industry.


Over the last 73 years I have seen a lot, even thou the last 30 years have confused me the most, I find the last 10 make me scratch my head a lot. I could start with all the political jargon, but that’s already being covered by far smarter then I. I therefore want to talk about something that we see more and more information on but know less and less about and that is exercise or the fallacy of it.


I work in the transportation industry and have been for over 45 years. I have seen a lot of things start and stop when it comes to ideas on how to make our industry better. The one I’ll talk about today is truck driver’s health.


Over the last 10 to 15 years I have seen companies spend some serious coin on programs to get drivers healthy most of them expecting a great return on their investment. Out of all the groups most have not lasted more than 2 years. I also know a lot of companies that have spent about $100 a month per driver to help them get healthy. What happened to them and why did their programs fail and why is it that over 75% of the drivers today will either fail their next DOT exam or have a major health issue to deal with?


Could it be were not getting the correct message out there or the message is being delivered by unqualified people that call themselves “trainers” or we just don’t care enough about our health?


I’ll try to address all three concerns one by one over the next few articles.


What is the correct message?

Supplements --- Liquid, Powder or pill.

For a billion-dollar business you would think it would have a lot more government regulation attached to it somewhere. Well there is very little or none. The government and the consumer have very little knowledge of what is in the potion you buy. It’s the companies trade secret they say. Very few if any testing cycles are done to see if the quality is even there.


Well in my humble opinion you will not see a jenny craig or weigh watcher advertising campaign telling you that eating healthy will work the same way. Maybe you eating that good food will not make them a 100 million in sales this year and have them telling you the truth about how many will really loss all that fat if they use their product. I guess they forget to tell you to read the very fine print on the bottom of the program. There are a few magic words there sometimes, one starts with the letter “E”.

3 Black Men and a Turkey

Posted on November 23, 2017 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Terry and I had this happen. Truck stops have the reputation of vans driving around with stolen items for sale and lizards at 10 o clock. We were on an oversize load going to the east side of Dallas, Texas. It was the thanks giving holiday and our permit allowed us to run this over sized load, rare. Even the cop that pulled us over had a hard time believing it. We got to the location and as usual no one was there and we were not in a respectable area of town. I needed 2 things fuel and food and in that part of town you did not want to leave your trailer, but we had to. Terry said there was a small gas station about 3 miles away, so unhooked and away we went. Ya, it was small, scary and off by itself. I got some fuel and pull away to park so we could go in to buy some food but I just noticed a van pull in and was scoping us out. Yes, it had 3 Black men in the front seat. It circled us, stopped and one man got out. I told Terry here comes someone to sell us something. I saw one other guy go to the far side of the van and that scared me. The guy came over and asked if we had dinner yet and as he did the other 2 men came around the van with 3 boxes in their hands. They gave us 2 complete turkey dinners, Ya. Said have a great day and thanks for what you do. I could not even swallow I was SO MOVED. I learned a lot that day. Our nation needs to learn it again.



Over 8 Years ago

Posted on November 15, 2017 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (1)

I wrote this letter about a health problem way back when?


Has anything even changed??


Health and the new recruitment standards for 2010, are we ready for government intervention?


In the last few years Truck Stop Events International Inc. has seen many changes in the health of our industry. We have seen studies on sleep, studies on fatigue, even studies on seat belts, interesting enough there is one study we have not seen. The study of obese truck drivers, is it because we also have noticed that most companies won’t mention the words obesity and truck driver in the same sentence? We also find this interesting, if we ask any one in our industry if there is a weight problem everyone laughs. Why is that? Each month the magazines cover the statistics of the trucking industry, from the high fuel costs, to the freight tonnage being moved. From monthly truck sales to the proposed driver shortage and each month driver body tonnage increases. I find it interesting to watch companies spec out their new trucks trying to save a little weight here, a little weight there. What we find more interesting is the company never considers the person driving the truck might be 150 lbs over weight. Doesn’t sound that bad does it? Well not until you lose 3,750,000 pounds of freight a day. That’s right, three million, seven hundred and fifty thousand pounds or five and a half million dollars in revenue. OUCH! How, you ask? If you have 25,000 trucks and over 75% of your drivers are over weight you just lost 3,000,000 pounds of freight your company could have shipped today. Do the math.


Our industry has some changes to make, weight is just one of them, but with the extra weight we see the statics of the other top killers of men and women, like heart attacks and diabetes get higher and higher. Where will your new driver pool come from?


No one has the right answer on how to implement weight programs in a industry run by so many variables, but we still can try different programs. In the last few years Truck Stop Events has at least taught a few of them how to change their life style and with that success we feel 2018 can be the best year for weight loss. Call us about our new “Find It If You Can” game for 2018. We feel starting with one step at a time just might help. We are the only non-profit health company in the trucking industry and we would like all companies to register their company in our program and see if we all can make the needed changes. After all what do you have to lose?