Creating the programs where others
can motivate themselves to be healthy
A working partnership between
manufacturers, truck companies
and their drivers

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Truck Stop Events

A working partnership between 
manufacturers,truck companies
and their drivers 

Become a 2018 Sponsor

Joining us as one of our sponsors becomes a "win - win" for  manufacturers, truck companies and their drivers. All of our programs use our "Out of the Box" thinking program. Over the years we have seen our approach using the "Face to Face" informational program out preform sales in all the new media market outlets used today. In exchange for your support, we offer five different programs that will increase your brand visibility directly to the client.

  1. Our new GAME APP called "Find It If You Can". (starts in January of 2018)
  2. On site informational Health & Wellness banner at our events (12" x  24").
  3. Have your company advertising icon put inside the mural drawing on one of our trailers.
  4. Have a advertising spot put on Gary Collins and the Boss Racing team tractor.
  5. Have a recreational sponsored day at one of our show events (Basket Ball, Horse Shoes, Checkers).
Our average audience per day is about 1,000 to 2,500 depending on location. We will be doing about 25 different locations with a three day stay at each location next year. If you are interested in our sponsorship endeavors and wish to learn more or would like to talk to a human; please get in touch with us right away. You also can take a look at the Power point gallery below for the different levels of sponsorship.

                                  Please follow this Power Point presentation