We are a 501(c)(3) Health & Wellness company
    serving the transportation industry for over 20 years.
Your support helps us get the programs out to the drivers
                                      for free.

Truck Stop Events

Creating the programs where others
 can motivate themselves to be healthy 
using games and a contest

Use this map to find out where we will be next year. 

The map pins (red) can be customer sponsored, just pick a location and hover over it to see what you can put there.

These are tentative markings at this time only

We do not set the actual map up until all our sponsors get their information in to us.

You can choose from over 1,450 different locations

Want to advertise in 2018?

Just pick a location somewhere in the US and we can put your company name there on the map. Every time a gamer comes to the map and hovers over the pins YOUR company name and information comes up.

Our map might have a clue in there some where.

Sometimes what you SEE is not what you think you SEE.