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Find It If You Can the Game

                                                     "Find It If You Can"

                                    Want to have some fun this year and increase your sales or recruiting effort? 

                                                             That's what this game helps you do.


Companies have new products coming our each year and they need to show their product line to make new sales, unfortunately it is getting harder and harder to get to one specific audience, in this case truck drivers. Yes; there are truck shows you can go to and market media places like Face Book you can use, but when you see the ratio of driver to the general audience you get on this type of media your ROI goes way down. We know this and that is why we will be bringing out a way you can increase not only your sales. but also your branding identity.

                                                                  Let's explain OUR game

1) We have developed a game app called "Find It If You Can".

2) We then ask companies to join our contest by becoming a sponsor. They; then can have one of their

products as a game chip for us to hide somewhere in the USA.

3) On our web page and our sponsors web pages there will be clues given to where we hid a chip with their

name on it. The difficulty of the clues will be up to the sponsor.

4) The app can do a LOT if things

                  a) Has all the information on the products that are hidden. This is also backed up by the web sites.

                  b) We will also have a few PING notification that notifies the driver when he is close to one of the                          items we hid.

                  c) "Snap Shot". Make the hunt more personable. Here the contestants can take a picture of                                    themselves trying to find the chips.They can earn points for other great prizes by doing so.                                What's great is the picture loads automatically to the app so all the other hunters see who has                            the most points.

If you want to become a product sponsor give us a call @405-542-6857 or 405-205-0658. You also can e-mail us at                                                            [email protected]

Rules of the game

The game is easy -

(1) Down load our GAME app Called --> Find It If You Can 
Android --> "Find the Pin" 
Apple -->    "Find It If You Can".
(2) Look on the "products for the contest" page above to see the sponsored items on our contest. Then look to see what you want to find and win and see what is the Pin number of that prize. Go to our app and hit the icon -->Find It If You Can, go to the pin you want and follow the game clues. 
(3) There are some rules to follow to win so pay attention.

The game Notes - 

(1) Chips can and will be hidden anywhere our sponsors and I want to hide them.They can be under a rest area bench or they can be on a tree, on a lunch dish or in an article about health. They can even be on another driver, a waitress or a dispatcher, truck or trailer. 
(2) Pins are the size of a regular SAFETY PIN and are GOLD in color and has a code clip attached to it. There is 1 pin per item. 
(3) An additional way to WIN --> take pictures while you are out there looking for the Pins and upload them to the app. This will get you some SPONSORED POINTS and you can win other great gifts.
Find It If You Can Game