Informational Program 2020

Truck Drivers Health .org

Creating the programs where others can motivate themselves to be healthy

As a 501- (C) (3) we accept donations from all groups in the form of cash, time people volunteer, product samples from sponsors and site location that are donated for us to use on our Health & Wellness programs.

Please note that once the donation is made especially in - cash - it becomes a - non-refundable item

Because of our status, we have to _0_ balance all of our accounts on a daily basics and when cash does come in we distribute it to one of our programs that is scheduled for that year, which means a _0_ cash balance left on the books. We are a totally volunteer company, no one gets paid- NO ONE.

Some of our media packages are done in foreign countries and they unfortunately are usually done on a cash no-refund policy because of the nature of the work. 

Our Health & Wellness programs are all informational in nature and work within the transportation industry, companies can donate products for show and tell on our web site or tour locations, but again when we receive it, it cannot be returned as a new item. All shipping, handling and taxes that are charges are billed to the provider of the product.

Companies can partner with the Health & Wellness programs at anytime during the year.

If you have any questions please call and ask 405-542-6857