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Creating the programs where others can motivate themselves to be healthy

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For more than 25 years Truck Stop Events International has been working with all the major nonprofit health organizations in the US to keep our informational health packets up to date and staying with the current health & wellness trend changes that effect our industry and our drivers every day. This experience has given our company the competitive advantage in giving our sponsors and partners the exposure and visibility that they need in the transportation industry. With your continued support, we aim to maximize awareness for our programs and help them reach more people using our over the road health tour platform. One way we have done this is with our 53' informational trailer you see to the right. The everyday audience has averaged over 2,500 drivers per location. The mega media's outlets of our digital world like Face Book and Twitter lack one important item that you specifically need in this unique industry, they need to get to the customers "FACE". We want you in their "FACE" all the time, because that is what builds relationships and relationships build sales. 

         Our Purpose
Changing the philosophy of the family

Many truck drivers still experience the same health problems that they suffered from more than a decade ago. Unhealthy habits and choices are still prevalent, and we as a company continue to be driven by finding answers to the question: What can we do about it. This is where Truck Stop Events comes in, because our company was established for two reasons.

"First", we disseminate vital information that we get from our tours about the overall health and wellness of the over the road driver. We then can offer programs that provide helpful solutions through programs like our Truck Drivers site.

"Second", we help gather information about drivers that our sponsors need. We accomplish this by regularly traveling to different truck shows, truck stops, and truck companies around the country. Here we can promote our sponsors names and help them broaden their customer reach in this industry. Our findings from the surveys have been helpful in finding effective solutions, and we have been successful at being a reliable resource that even the government has depended on us. Over the years, we have since expanded into other company programs for drivers like the Walk A Mile America Foundation and our "Fit 4 truckers" workout program. We continue to be motivated by our genuine care and concern for others, and we strive to raise awareness for programs that can greatly improve their health and lives.

Here are a couple of radio interviews I did

Barry Pawelek Truck Drivers He
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