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Creating the programs where others can motivate themselves to be healthy

Truck Stop Events International Inc.

Truck Stop Events program history

We have done these types of programs for over 25 years

Over the last years we have brought out some very interesting programs to help our drivers get healthy. As a non-profit 501 (c) (3) we have to get our sponsors engaged in programs that will benefit their bottom line, but we also need to help the truck companies and their drivers get current health information that helps them. Our "Out of the Box" thinking has worked very well in getting this accomplished.

Here are some examples.

This is how it all started. We would help travel centers and product manufactures build a relationship by the old "FACE to FACE" method and it worked very well. In fact most of the locations we did this with had a company increase in their sales by 60% that weekend and it also improved the retail store sales by over 30%. Some of these companies never had their products in these retail locations until we helped show their product. 

When sponsors saw the benefit of "FACE to FACE" sales we began to get the funding that we needed to get the trailer to the left. For better than five years we took this 53' trailer with it's interactive mural that Great Dane donated to our program across the USA. The audience was well over 30 million viewers. At that time Face Book and Twitter were not the modern media giants they are today, so we really rocked the boat. Here we sat right next to one of our sponsors OOIDA. How lucky is that? Here is where the fun began as the drivers looked for company icons that were hidden in this mural. When they found one they would win a price and your brand was noticed. Most viewers took about  - 20 minutes - to look for one clue. Today Face Book and twitter have about - 8 - seconds and you win nothing.                        

Truck Drivers Health was formed when our audience became specific to the transportation industry. As a driver I was out there and saw the results of poor eating, erratic sleep habits and little or no exercise in their daily work schedule. This program designed weight loss programs, menu suggestions and some work out charts. We were the first to offer all our programs for free and still do today. 

Where will you spend your advertising dollar?

Build it they will come and we are trying to do just that. To the left <- we will try getting this 95 Western Star truck rebuilt and attached to a 30' sleeper that will be our new Health & Wellness tour trailer. This trailer will have all the modern media programs displayed on a 60" flat top screen. We also can make the mural interactive on this truck like we did before on our 53' Walk A Mile America trailer. We will also have on site interactive health & wellness programs like basketball, rubber horse shoes and card games the drivers can participate in.

                                                       This is what we will do next

This is what it's all about. Starting in January of 2018 we will have hidden a lot of  "GOLDEN CHIPS" that were in our leprechaun's bucket. Was one of them yours? The Game has a app that you can down load. It has all the clues for that week, month or day right there to see on their I-PAD or phone. We also have the clues on ours and our sponsors web page. The drivers have a choice of what they want to win from our list of sponsors. It could be a CB radio, a head set and even tires for your car or truck. All they have to do is look for those company clues. They can look for all the rest of the chips too. We also thought a little competition would be good, so to get them to be competitive we let them take pictures of what they found and where they are now. so others can try to beat them to the next clue. Here they can get points judged by our staff for their good pictures and it will add up for other prizes to win. Each chip has a number on it, Those numbers are "SPECIAL" because when someone can find enough chips and those "Numbers" on the chip add up to 100 they can enter their name win $1,000.