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Truck Shows have been the 800-pound gorilla in the transportation industry for introducing new products for a long time. It's mainly because they have the ability to draw the decision makers into the shows who want to see all the truck and trailer manufactures new bells and whistles. In 2016 the dynamics of truck shows and their locations for large product manufactures began changing because of the new global economy that we live in today. This global market change will affect how your company marketing program reacts. If the show attendance decreases so will your sales leads. What will your company do to off set this loss? Here is where our Over the Road tour can help your company generate industry specific leads, because this global shift does not affect our program at all, in fact it helps and here's why. If you have been in our industry for a while you might remember the 900-pound gorilla called Face to Face sales. Over the years a lot of the smaller companies have forgotten how effective this method of selling is for smaller companies and began relying on the shows and the new medias like Face Book, Twitter and Google to do their sales work for them. Unfortunately, this market has become costly and its dynamics are changing too. Even the big companies are rethinking their media and event policies costs for 2018. If the big manufactures pull out of the truck shows like they did before, where does that leave your company? We can help you answer that question. Below you will see how we can get your company name in every market we operate in and we have done this for over 25 years as a Non-Profit totally volunteer health & wellness company. We are transportation specific and the E-Mail lists we gather at these events are 100% accurate and free to our sponsors.   

You can see we have coverage across the industry

Our Over the Road tour can put your products in front of the people and the companies you need to sell to 25 more times next year. With 25 different scheduled locations on this tour you now get national coverage that YOU control and you don't even have to be there to win. No matter what the truck shows do next year our tour is mobile and has also combined our Truck Drivers Health program with some events that bring drivers over to see us. First, in 2018 our new"Find It If You Can" game which is described below and second we have Gary Collins and the Boss Pulling team with us at prime locations. It is with your support of our Health & Wellness program that helps us get these fun programs out to the drivers and it gives us the ability to give our health programs to the drivers for free. We are the only 501(c)(3) totally VOLUNTEER health & wellness company in the industry today. Your support helps us get programs like Gary's to the shows, but we cannot help the drivers get our health programs without YOUR support,                                                                                              so please donate today. 

   "Find It If You Can"                   Our GAME for 2018

Truck stop events serving the transportation

Look close to find the chip hidden somewhere above. Wouldn't it be nice if they were looking for your company chip?

  Want to have some fun next year and increase your sales or recruiting effort?    That's what this game is all about. Companies have new products coming our each year and they need to show their product line to make new sales. Unfortunately; it is getting harder and harder to get to one specific audience, in this case truck companies and their drivers. Yes; there are truck shows you can go to and market media places like Face Book you can use, but when you see the ratio of drivers to the general audience that you get on this type of media your ROI goes way down. We know this and that is why we will be bringing out a way you can increase not only your sales and your e-mail marketing list, but also your branding identity. We always develop our programs with a Health & Wellness welcome wagon attached to them which helps our drivers get current health information and that is the basis of our company.

Let's explain OUR game and how it can help you in 2018

1)  We have developed a game app called "Find It If You Can". Down load - Find the Pin" 

2)  We then ask companies to join our contest by becoming a sponsor. They, then can have some of  

     their products as a game chip for us to hide somewhere in the USA.

3)  On our web page and our sponsors web page there will be clues given to where we hid a chip with 

     their name on it, again somewhere within the USA, but somewhere a driver can find them.The 

     difficulty of the clues will be up to our sponsors.

4) This app can do a LOT of company BRANDING and here's why -

                   a)  Has all the information on the products that are hidden. This is also backed up by  

                         your web site. Here is where the branding begins. They have to come back to get a new 

                         clue which means they SEE your name hundreds of times. You can even offer other  

                         prizes and clues when their there to encourage sales.

                   b)   We can also have a few PING notification that will notify the contestant when they are close to 

                         one of the items we hid for you. Again if need be we can send them to your physical site or                                 location on that ping.

                  c)  Snap Shot. Make the hunt more personable. Here the contestants can take a picture of 

                            themselves trying to find the chips and interact with their Face Book,Twitter and 

                            Instagram pages. They can earn points for other great prizes by doing so. What's great                                is the picture loads automatically to the app so all the other hunters see who has the                                    most points.       

5) We have Gary Collins and the Boss race team to show case too.

For over forty five years Gary Collins has worked within the racing community using his high horse powered equipment to entertain millions of race fans. In 2018 he will be helping Truck Stop Events have a successful health and wellness program using his racing equipment and our new game platform "Find It If You Can"   

If you want to become a product sponsor give us a call @405-542-6857 or 405-205-0658

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Truck Stop Events invites everyone to consider becoming a sponsor for one of our Over the Road events. Help support the games we organize at all of our tour locations, remember we cannot help anyone without YOUR help. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch with us as soon as possible. To learn more about our programs or if you want to sponsor an event, or work on a program for your company just call or e-mail

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