Informational Program 2020

Truck Stop Events International

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"Find It If You Can"

Products for contest

Pin 1   Insignia Roku TV (Value $500.)

This 39-inch Insignia smart LED Roku TV with wide-angle viewing offers fast and reliable connectivity for streaming your favorite movies, music and radio. LED lighting ensures a crystal-clear picture, and the personalized home screen offers intuitive navigation to save time. Easily block questionable content with the V-chip built into this Insignia smart LED Roku TV.

Pin 2   GIANTS Variety Packs ( Value $150.)

Win a years worth of  mixed variety

Pistachios carry on the great tradition of quality you have come to expect when buying GIANTS Sunflower Seeds. These plump Pistachios are combined with just the right amount of sea salt. GIANTS Original Salted Pistachios come in 5 oz. bags and are available in 6 and 12 count cases.

Pin 3    Black Lion Steer Tires (Value $650.00)

The Blacklion BF155 FST regional steer features a broad 5 rib tread pattern to provide precise handling and excellent stability. Wide circumferential grooves efficiently evacuate water from the tread area. The BF155 FST is ideally suited for regional applications, pick-up & delivery and limited highway service. ST sizes featuring all steel construction are specifically designed for use in specialty trailer applications.

Pin 4   Cobra Inverter (Value $450.00)

A Cobra professional grade 2500 Watt power inverter.

  • This inverter provides 2500 Watts Continuous
  • Has 5000 Watts Peak household electrical power, allowing you to power up office equipment and household appliances such as TV sets, coffee pot, a small microwave oven, a mini-fridge that draw up to 2500 watts at the same time from your car, truck, RV or boat.

Pin 5  Dometic Heat & Air conditioner (Value $3,500.00)
This is a complete under the bunk APU unit. Does not have generator or power unit.
ECD kits are ideal for replacing an existing air conditioning system or for a new heating and air conditioning installation. The Kit includes the ECD self-contained air conditioning unit and digital control with bezel and is intended to replace an older self-contained air conditioner of comparable capacity. Designed for under the bunk heating and air conditioning.

Pin 6   Alcoa Super Single rims (4) (Value $2,600.00)

  • Aluminum Super Single Hub Piloted Wheel 
  • 29374SP 22.5" x 12.25" Truck Wheels (66 lbs)
  • 15° Duplex Aluminum. Polished Aluminum Surface. 10 Hand Holes. TR545E Valve Installed
  • Max Load & Inflation: 11,000 lbs, 131 psi
  • High Quality 100% American Made Product.

Pin 7  Uniden CB Radio (Value $350.00)
  • Full-Featured 40-Channel CB Radio
  • BearTracker Warning System -- Legal alternative to Radar Detectors
  • Police, Fire, EMS, DOT Scanner including Digital

Pin 8   Herd Cattle Guard (Value $6,000)

Your new truck is more than a heavy hauler - it's a complex, aerodynamic vehicle intended to make you money.  This guard was designed to be lighter and stronger providing superior protection for your vehicle's vital systems. Lighter to conserve fuel. More aerodynamic for improved efficiency

Easier to operate than any other guard. Compatible with major brand radar systems.  Bumper comes standard with: Lift Assist. Reduces the lift weight for drivers to as little as 13 lbs. Slam Latch. One click engine access makes pre-inspections quick and easy. Air Dam for reduced drag and better aerodynamics. This unit is a display unit and will need buffing. Has the complete light kit, was not on the road.

Pin 9   Breeze Way 12 Volt Fan (Value $75.00)

This product was one of our demo unites for display on our Walk A Mile America program. It was never out of the box, works but has no return. The one we still use in the motor home is one of the best we have used and does a great job. Instant Air Flow, Free Standing, Weighs Under 5 Pounds,three speed levels,High Air Volume

Pin 10  Wood Grain leather Wheel (value $450.00)

18" Black Leather Rim, Chrome Thumb Grips, Polished Aluminum, 4-Spoke, Smart Gen 3 Pad Kit includes: center pad, horn button, and 918 hub. 

Pin 11   E 600 Heart Rate Monitor (Value $250.00)

The Polar E series of heart rate monitors was developed to keep you healthy on your new weight loss program. Designed to help regulate your heart rate exercise program.

Has pedometer-with calorie counter

Includes chest strap

Pin 12   Black Lion Drive tires (8) (Value $2,500.00)

BD171 FSTCLOSED SHOULDER DRIVEThe Blacklion BD171 FST closed shoulder drive tire features 30/32nds tread depth for long tread life and exceptional cost per mile. Solid shoulder ribs deliver superior stability and resistance to uneven wear. The BD171 FST is designed with three rows of aggressive tread blocks for superior traction and resistance to tread squirm.

  • SmartWay verified tires can improve fuel efficiency by 3 percent or more. Deep tread depth for excellent tread life. Aggressive tread design for superior traction. Solid shoulders resist uneven wear.

Pin 13   8 Drive 22.5 rims (Value $2,500.00)

Alcoa's newest surface treatment Alcoa's XBR Technology. The treatment penetrates the aluminum and becomes an part of the wheel. It will not chip, crack, peel or corrode, like conventional coatings do. Dura bright Wheels will not need to be polished you will just be able to wash off with soap and water and they will keep their shine for years. Alcoa wheels are Lightweight and Durable. They increase your fuel economy and boost your productivity by requiring less maintenance.

Pin 14    Wheel Hub Chrome (Value $250.00)

A complete set of Alcoa wheel covers

Pin 15   John Deere Tool Box (Value $350.00)

A 3 drawer special edition of a John Deere Tool box. This unit was a display unit for the Walk A Mile America program and never used, weights 35 lbs.

Pin 16   Joe's Hand cleaner ( Value $35.00)

A years supply of one of the best hand cleaners on the market today. You get 2 of each variety total of 6 in a case. Manufactured for more than sixty five years in the heartland of America, Joe’s Hand Cleaner continues to be the leading brand of Kleen Products industrial hand and surface cleaning products in both the professional and retail consumer industry.

Pin 17   Roof top Fan (Value $250.00)

Model 4000 R Fantastic Vent

Three speed, Reversible. Select speed (1-low, 2-medium or 3-high). Select fan-blade direction (OUT-exhaust or IN-for air intake). Open dome manually with hand knob. When opened approximately 2", fan blade is activated. Placing the IN/OUT switch in the center (neutral) position can turn off fan blade.

Pin 18  An Al Mabin Book (Value $65.00)

Have to see it to believe how this book is put together.

THE NEW BEST SELLER ABOUT TRUCKING DOWN UNDER. American truckers will be amazed by the challenges faced by their overseas counterparts in this stunning coffee table book. The most accurate account of real-life trucking ever documented in Australia and New Zealand. Over 100 companies are featured. Including; owner drivers, family operated businesses, indigenous businesses and global corporations with many product brands you use everyday. Each company carts a different product making it relevant to each and every member of the public no matter which country you call home. Read about the faces and the places, the tales of a diverse bunch of amazing people and businesses carting every imaginable thing to ensure we as a society can live the lives we do.

Pin 19  An Al Mabin book (Value $75.00)

Iconic photographic record of the historic journey of 18,000 head of cattle that were walked 2500 km across two states during a severe drought - an epic journey that has not been undertaken in over 100 years.
The red dust swirls around you, filling your lungs and coating your face, the cattle low as they march on wards, you crack a cold one at the end of a long hot day.The path of a drover is a long and difficult one. Droving is woven in the fabric of American and Australian history, but driving cattle long distances is a rare event today.

Pin 20  Cats Eyes (4 tires) (Value $350.00)

With just a glance, the Cat’s Eye TPMS makes it easy to see if your dual tires are under-inflated. According to Goodyear, under inflation is the #1 cause of tire failure. If the pressure in your duals is not the same, the diameter of the tires will differ. Since duals are bolted together, the smaller tire will be dragged. With just a 5% difference in PSI, the smaller tire will be dragged 13 feet every mile. That reduces MPG and increases the risk of a blow out.

Cat’s Eye is the only Tire Pressure Monitoring System that ensures tire pressure is equalized between the duals – reducing drag and the chance for a blow out. And with ROI of just 3-6 months, Cat’s Eye pays for itself from day one.

Pin 21 (Value $65.00)

This is a very comfortable air assist seat for the trucking industry.

Pin 22 (Value $19.99)

A pedometer is a device, usually portable and electronic or electromechanical, that counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the person's hands or hips. Because the distance of each person's step varies, an informal calibration, performed by the user, is required if presentation of the distance covered in a unit of length (such as in kilometers or miles) is desired, though there are now pedometers that use electronics and software to automatically determine how a person's step varies. Distance traveled (by walking or any other means) can be measured directly by a GPS receiver.

Pin 23 (Value $30.00)

A powerful blend of oils and additives that contain no SOLVENTS. Designed to increase power and fuel mileage and also lower exhaust emissions through a more complete combustion.

Lucas Fuel Treatment is formulated for both gasoline and diesel engines, carburetor or fuel injected. It gives your fuel system what it really needs - a blend of super slick oils and additives with a high detergent action that allows the engine to operate at maximum efficiency. Also, it cleans and lubricates the carburetor and injectors and causes the fuel to burn more thoroughly for increased power and less fuel consumption. Lucas Fuel Treatment should definitely be used in vehicles that require leaded fuel because it actually replaces the benefits of lead in gasoline without causing harmful emissions. Use it to pass smog tests. Finally, it totally neutralizes the harmful effects of low sulfur diesel fuel.