We are a 501(c)(3) Health & Wellness company
    serving the transportation industry for over 25 years.
Your support helps us get the programs out to the drivers
                                      for free.
Find It If You Can and WIN Big

Truck Stop Events

Creating the programs where others
 can motivate themselves to be healthy 
using games and a contest

Sponsoring Us

Truck Stop Events International Inc is our corporate company which over sees all of the programs listed below

          Truck Stop Events Tours

          Walk A Mile America Foundation

          Fit 4 Truckers exercise program 

          Truck Drivers Health.org - Informational programs

          "Find It If You Can" - Scavenger Hunt   

Becoming a sponsor

Joining us as one of our sponsors becomes a "win - win" for  manufacturers, truck companies and their drivers. All of our programs use our "Out of the Box" thinking program. Over the years we have seen our approach using the "Face to Face" informational program out preform sales in all the new media market outlets used today. In exchange for your support, we offer a few programs that can  increase your brand visibility directly to the client.

Our average audience per event is about 2,500 depending on location. We will be scheduling about 25 different locations with a two day stay at each location. If you are interested in our sponsorship endeavors and wish to learn more or would like to talk to a human; please get in touch with us right away. Below is a outline for our scavenger hunt.

Prices for "Find It If You Can"  the Game

Game App

"Find the Pin"

                 Starting @ $500.00 up to $2,500 per year - per (1) Pin (one product).                      

(1) Your company product information, company icon and web page are            displayed at least 5 times in our app when they look for your product clues.      That means your name is branded hundreds of times a day. You can down load our app to see company names in action. 
(2) Company Icon and product information will be displayed on all our media    outlets. There is a video capture required when they find the pin.
(3) Your company icon comes up on their phone window when their looking  for your game product. See app and look at prizes.
(4) Media Blitz (Gives out FAST clues). Drives hundreds to your web site, that minute, hour or day.
(5) 60-90 second comical info video. We can help create it at your location if needed, it drives the players to see what your product does on all the media outlets in a funny way. 
(6) Ping notification (you tell us where you want to put them, 10 miles, 50 feet or 1 foot). A ping is a notification sound on the gamer's phone to alert them they are close to where a prize is they want to win.
(7) Banner (3-1/2' x 10'   This will be on display on our tour sites and has all the names of our game sponsors. 
(8) Program E-Mail's - Every game player has to sign in using their E-Mail address to get the clues.

Additional items                available ->  ->

                                   $1,500 a month each                                                                (1) Notification on web page map (take a look at site map on" where we  are this month". High-lite one of the 25 pins), the information there will be a     sponsoring company with links to ALL their media.                                            (2Video message on phone slider. This is below your icon when they look     for your clue on the phone App.                                                                                (3Additional hidden chip (the surprise), give an extra clue out to bring more people to look at your site. Use your web page link for this.


Prices for our 2018 Over the Road tour trailer

Look at our - "Over View" - page slider to see some of the past murals

Avg audience per mural is 30 Million per year.

Average icon hunt was 20 minutes, YES we hide things in the mural.

This is what a full mural looks like in action. Notice the Difference?

This is the mural working for you, are they looking for your name hidden inside?

  • $80,000. a year- Full trailer (2) sides.
  • $55,000. a year- Back door of trailer. 
  • $40,000. a year- 1/2 trailer. Company Icon display on trailer side. 
  • $20,000. a year- 1/4 trailer. Company Icon display on trailer side.
  • $10,000. a year- 1/8 trailer. Company Icon display on trailer side.
  • $15,000. a year- Full top of hood of truck (Designer @ $150. an hour)
  • $10,000. a year- Side section on hood of truck.
  • $  5,000. a year- Side truck panels (3) (Designer @$150. an hour)
  • $  7,500. a year- 12" x  12" Icon put inside mural on truck/trailer.
  • $  5,000. a year- Tent (you provide) (8' x 10' ) We use this on site. 
  • $  4,500. a year- Full table cover (8') - (you help design and deliver)-(we                          also have a company to help you if need be). This                                                will be the on site table cover that we use every day.
  • $  4,500. a year- One ten ft. (10') up right standing sign (Vistaprint).
  • $  3,500. a year- E-Mail list from on site tour. 8 x 10 Health pamphlet.
  • $  3,500. a year- Sales promoter at our travel center locations. Don't have                       your product in the travel centers yet. Let us talk to the store                                   manager about your product while we are at that location.    

Because we are a multi media outlet we can customize a advertising program for you

This is gathering information.

Over 650,000 names are done

Product Display cost per site

Start at $2,500

Our table has Health & Wellness information on it. As a sponsor you can brand this information with your name. Each location has many spots to put your Company name

  • Volunteers shirts  
  • Volunteers Hat's
  • Basket ball, Basket ball rim, Checker game, Horse shoe game   
  • Give-a ways like hats. pens. shirts. 
  • One 12" x 24" weather board advertising sign.                         
                                                                         $5,000. a year for a hidden Icon 
We hide your company icon (not a pin) some where in our drawing. (we determine) This can be in or on our web page, your web site or our media outlets pages
We then give clues so we can tell them how to find where it is. 
It is a great e-mail collector. 

                                                  This is the truck and trailer we want to use for 2018/19 tour

Can you find the PIN hidden in the picture above?

How about one of the pictures below?

Will they remember you at the show or this GREEN LEPRECHAUN?