Informational Program 2020

Truck Drivers Health .org

Creating the programs where others can motivate themselves to be healthy

                                     Our Mission 
Our mission is to inform drivers that there are programs available to them as drivers.
Our journey is to help the men and women in our industry to stay healthy and we do it as a totally volunteer company. Please remember, we cannot do these programs alone, so please help sponsor one of our programs today. Our main objective is to get the drivers out of their trucks to come over and talk and if possible show them one of these programs.

How we accomplish our Mission.

For over 25 years we have developed working partnerships within the transportation industry. We display our Health & Wellness programs by show casing sponsors products at our tour sites, truck company appreciation days and travel centers across the USA. 

Sometimes it takes "OUT of the BOX" thinking to get our message about health out. 

The pictures above and the game below show you just how creative we can be.

Our audience averages 1,500 drivers a day or 175,000 a tour year. 

We offer CDL drivers our Health & Wellness programs for free.

But remember WE cannot do these programs without program support.

Contact us at -> [email protected] <- or call 405-205-0658 - C - or - 405-542-6857- O 

Here's our new Health & Wellness program for 2018/19 and it's a GAME !

Take a look at or Game APP
We thought it would be nice to have a game drivers could play, so we developed a fun game app.

Barry and his lucky leprechaun side kick - "Clarence" - started the year hiding some golden pins representing all kinds of transportation related gifts for the drivers to find.

Prizes like a set of steer tires, CB radios, portable headsets and even an APU unit.

Drivers can down load the game app to get the clues to find these pins. They can also be sent to any web site for clues and special prizes.

You can now down load out GAME App here;

Apple --> Find It If You Can                                           

Android --> Find The Pin 

This is how we get our message about health out.

Find It If You Can Game

As a Health & Wellness program provider we can provide our sponsors with a direct audience that sees your products on our tour site locations. We accomplish this by having our Health & Wellness programs in every arena possible and you can see that process above and below. We also like to be different and the game above is, because different brings in drivers. We also will have the truck and trailer to the right on tour to show case your products across the USA 

After the show WHO will they remember? The LEPRECHAUN mascot or you? 

    How we have benefit our Sponsors and our Drivers

Health starts with the familey

Recruiting 101.

 Need to find new drivers, this is where they are and we are already there with our Health & Wellness programs. Come along as a tour sponsor with over 1,500 locations to choose from.

Share information at truck companies


Sponsoring a Health & Wellness day at some of the truck shows or truck company's that you need to see becomes a win-win for you when we set a game site up at these locations.

Mid-America 2018 

Truck shows show the industry that you are here and the Mid-America show starts our tour season. You now can sponsor anyone of 50 different shows we can do in a year.

Our Address is

Truck Stop Events

8028 Country Street 2580

Hinton, OK 73047

                                 None of this happens without YOUR support.